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    As a kitten she will make you laugh,
    as a Cat she will keep all your secrets
    Laughs, Love and Companionship

    I breed Ragdoll Kittens because they are the absolute perfect companion and family pet. I just can't imagine living in a home without them. My Ragdoll Cats return affection like a dog and follow me from room to room during the day just to be near me. In addition to being so beautiful, Ragdolls are what I would call a health hardy breed. They are sweet with loving dispositions. Ragdolls of Texas breeds kittens which are self confident and well adjusted. Each kitten has it's own individual personality and are seriously devoted and affectionate. Have you heard of the "Ragdoll flop"? Ragdolls will flop down in front of you and roll over on their back for a good tummy scratch. They all do it.

    My husband and I wake up in the mornings with toys our Rags bring us during the night … like presents. It is not uncommon to wake up with Ame curled up between our pillows. And, I wouldn't change it for a million dollars.

    Ragdolls of Texas 2014 kittens have been very pleasing. As you scroll through the photos you will see that our kittens are stunning. Please continue through the website and learn why we know you will love your new Ragdoll kitten as much as we love ours.

    All of our kittens are fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped before they leave for their new homes. We ship with United's and American's Pet Safe program or we will fly with your kitten in the cabin and deliver it your front door. International shipping is also available.


    Ragdolls of Texas TICA #22738

    Ragdolls of Texas Cattery is registered with The International Cat Association.We are also a part of the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program and abide by the Voluntary Code of Ethics.

    Our Cattery Veterinarian is Windsor Park Animal Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. We highly recommend Windsor Park Animal Hospital and Dr. Roger Pigott, Dr. Edward Hinajosa and Dr. Krista Burk. The doctors and the entire staff are experienced, compassionate and sensible regarding feline health care. Click on the Kittens For You Page to choose your new Ragdoll Kitten.


    Noel Swikert