An Outside Of The Box Experience

February 4, 2012 by admin  
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I guess every Cat owner has the problem from time to time with a Cat tinkling out of the box.  Most often this happens with unaltered Males.  If it happens with a female, I usually start paying attention to it being a health problem. Something is probably going on with the Kidneys or Bladder.  Urinating outside of the box is the Cat’s sure fire way to tell you “I don’t feel good or it hurts to tinkle and I need to go to the Doctor”

I was using a clumping clay litter which the Cat’s liked, but I was really tired of the dust.  I empty litter boxes twice a day and even though the litter was clumping, the remaining litter seemed to break down quickly.  I decided to change to a litter which was a processed corn product.  This litter did have a strong citrus odor, like an orange rind. I did not mind it, my husband thought it stank.  I made the change gradually and I loved it.  There was no dust, it is very light and clumped very well.  Everything was going great for about a month. Then my breeding male “Bailey” started going outside of the box.  The litter boxes were spotless, there is never more than 8 hours between scooping. I have 8 litter boxes for 6 Cats. When Bailey took to doing No.2 outside the box, I knew something was seriously wrong.  I took Bailey to the Vet and he was in perfect health.  Since Ragdolls are a large breed, I am using the extra large boxes with the domed cover.  I thought cats preferred their potty privacy.  The Vet told me to take of the lids.  That was brilliant, it cut my soiled litter collection time by 75% because I did not have to remove and replace those difficult domed lids.  I also turned to the internet for help.  That’s when I found out about Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter.  I started all over with sparkling clean litter boxes and Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter.  There is no dust, it clumps hard, the remaining litter seems to stay fresher longer … which is all good for me.  And, Bailey stopped going outside the box immediately and has not had any outside of the box experiences.  The female cats were happy with the corn product litter.  Now all of us, my husband, me and the cats are happy.  Thanks to Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract formula.


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