Our Story

Animals have always been a big part of my life. We had dogs and cats when I was a child. I learned to ride a horse when I was young. As a young adult I purchased several Arabian mares and raised beautiful foals. I showed and bred Arabian horses for almost 20 years. During that time I always had dogs and cats as pets. Usually, cats just showed up at the barn. We would vaccinate and spay them and keep them for life. I had two Dobermans and a Collie, which were like my children. Life moved along and now I live in Corpus Christi and ranch in George West. At the ranch, we have two goats, a Bactrian Camel and three cats (Mom showed up pregnant, had the kittens, mom got caught up in a barbed wire fence, we saved her, then found the kittens, saved them, now everybody is neutered and spayed and living happily after). Oh yes, about the Camel. He is wonderful, bought him from a breeder in South Dakota. Camels are wonderful, loving creatures. They relate to you like a dog.

About 10 years ago our lives brought my husband and I to Corpus Christi from Houston. We moved into a townhouse because we really did not know where in Corpus we wanted to live. All of our horses and pets had long passed away. Milan and I both like large breed dogs, we were both working full time and the townhouse was just not the place for a dog. So, we decided to investigate the possibility of getting a cat. Milan had never owned a cat before, so this was going to be a brand new experience for him. Since we like big animals, I began searching the internet for large breed cats. My search led me to the Ragdoll Cat breed, with which I was totally unfamiliar. The more I read, the more I liked. The Ragdoll Cat was big and fluffy. Those big blue eyes took my breath away. So we found a wonderful  breeder and adopted our first Ragdoll kitten, Ame.

Ame is now eight years old and Milan is a  cat lover. We have had no health problems with Ame and she weighs 16 pounds.  She is weight appropriate for the Ragdoll breed.  We moved from the townhouse several years ago into a  condo on Corpus Christi Bay, keeping the townhouse for rental property and I am so glad we did. I moved my office from downtown Corpus to the townhouse on Padre Island and realized I had the perfect setup for a super Ragdoll Cattery which I established in 2010. In 2013 we sold the Condo and moved to the ranch in George West full time. The cats are here in their new space in the barn which opens into the house.  I love being able to have all the moms and kittens in the house under our feet, in our laps and in the bed.  I am in heaven.

Our cats exceed the Ragdoll Breed Standard :  Large, heavy boned, alert, affectionate and intelligent, eyes bright, impression of graceful, flowing movement and subdued power. Female Ragdolls will mature around 15 – 18 pounds, Males will easily weigh 20 pounds of more. We know you will love the breed and we hope you will chose us as your Ragdoll kitten breeder.

Warmest regards,