Feliway Feline Pheromone Spray

February 15, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Cat Health, Ragdoll Kittens

Bella’s litter all went to the Vet this morning for their first check up and feline leukemia vaccine. Everybody had a thorough exam. We passed with flying colors and no evidence of internal parasites (a testament to good housekeeping). I tried something new this morning. I always put two kittens to a carrier, but today I sprayed Feliway, (a synthetic replica of the feline facial pheromones) in┬áthe crates about 30 minutes before I placed the kittens inside. Feliway worked amazingly well. Everyone laid down and was totally relaxed in the car, in the vets office, after the exam and on the car ride home. Just a couple of peeps, no constant crying. Now that we are home, the kittens are running around, playing and happy, not wiped out exhausted from the stress. A trip like this can be very stressful for kittens. I highly recommend this product if you have to travel with your cat or kitten. I give Feliway 5 stars.


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